Denture wearers are in a position where a complete dental makeover is very attainable and generally much more affordable then if they had all their teeth. Assuming the denture wearer has no complaints of extremely loose dentures because of excessive bone loss, which might require implants to correct, remaking the dentures does not involve orthodontics, veneers, whitening, or crowns, which typically are involved in a dental makeover, either all the above or some combination of the above. A full denture makeover takes about five weeks and the best part is that the patient can see exactly how the dentures will look before they are processed, giving the person the ability to make changes and avoid any disappointment in the final result.

The first visit of the makeover involves pictures taken of the patient and the dentures and a discussion with the esthetic coordinator about what kind of changes the patient wants; whiter teeth? Less gum showing? A fuller smile? Everything is considered and worked into the treatment plan. The fourth visit involves placing the wax stage of the denture in the patient’s mouth and making sure that the denture is exactly what the patient wants if not then the changes are made and the denture is tried in again and the final denture is not fabricated until the patient is entirely happy with the results.

So for a cost that is much less than a dental makeover the denture wearer can experience their own makeover and have greater control over the final result. Also, no needles or drills are involved so there is no reason not to take a look in the mirror and decide if you want your smile to be brighter, lips to be fuller, and overall fit and feel of the denture to be much improved. If you have dental decay and saliva problems contact us now!


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